Edith Graham

Greetings to one and all. I am a child of the universe and I want to share that every day is a beautiful day. True, our emotions fluctuate but at some point during each day we will recognise that the day is a gift we have received and if we be true to ourselves we will smile and this will create feel good energy. We should practice this feel good energy and build on it so that each day it comes easier and earlier in the day, like a muscle it will grow. Become more evident and gather momentum and we will BE better for it. I believe in kindness and forgiveness towards others and myself.

In a couple of months I will begin the first year of my seventh decade on planet Earth. I feel privileged to have lived long enough to grow. Twenty years ago I was facing a life threatening illness and not doing too well, I am a miracle. I believe we are all miracles. Some would differ. It can be a topic for discussion.

I have extensive administrative experience – getting things organised, getting things done. With a stable track record, I am able to diversify within different industries. As part of a team I have a strong focus to resolve challenges and enjoy leaving any tasks I am busy with in a user friendly state (do unto others). I pride myself on my attention to detail & due diligence, going the extra mile in terms of improved efficiency and cost effectiveness.

With strong English (both written and verbal) I am confident to communicate at all levels of an organisation, company or institution, with a strong emphasis on service delivery. My good communication skills help towards problem solving & interpersonal relationships. I enjoy taking on responsibility, it adds to my sense of well-being & purpose.

I did a one year secretarial course in 1980 and my working life began from there. Living and learning life then became what I did, marriage, babies, etc. I guess I was lazy to further my qualifications, in hindsight I think I would have made a damn good surgeon LOL. Seriously, I have good eye, hand coordination, a good touch, and, consciously, I have become better at threading the needle. I believe strongly in being true to myself and honesty means much to me, honesty within and with others. And now, I am ready to start that next chapter in my career.

I am blessed.

I have over the years done various short courses including a deep tissue massage course so I am a certified masseuse however I only massage family and friends as I am no longer physically (strength and stamina) up to doing a job I am comfortable to charge for. Thought that was worth mentioning as it brings me pleasure to help others breathe and take time out.

I have always worked in administrative support positions from Girl Friday to Executive PA and everything in between and in many different industries. My last couple of jobs have been from home (virtual) and in a new field namely customer service. This shift was challenging and I am proud to say I managed it pretty well. Working from home is what is necessary at this time given my current living circumstances. This change and the challenge that came with it reminded me that I have strong determination which is a very good thing.

I am concerned for my granddaughter’s generation and what life will be like for them as adults, especially the environment they will find themselves in physically, mentally, emotionally. And, I would love to see the curricula in our educational systems adapting to educating our children to be more self-aware, mindful, engaging their senses, like an involuntary muscle, in the present moment and, to be able to guide their minds when it comes to EQ. I am an advocate for sports at a young age as this definitely develops our grit and stick-ability which comes in handy as we journey down the road with our name on it. I was a junior champion in both swimming and tennis, representing Zambia in both.

Easy does it.

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