International Centre For Birds Of Prey

ICBP opened to the public on May 25th 1967 as The Falconry Centre, run by Philip Glasier and family. It was thought to be the only dedicated bird of prey centre in the UK at the time and is now one of the oldest in the world.

Under the direction of Jemima Parry-Jones, Philip’s daughter, the centre has become the ICBP we know today, focused on the care and conservation of birds of prey. We became a charity in 2015 to secure the future of our work and mission.

Our centre is open to the public to enjoy and learn about our birds and the threats they face. Please ask any of our staff about the work we do! Over our history, we’ve been involved with a variety of conservation and research projects. Our staff work hard to gather vital information relating to conservation breeding techniques and processes, and share this with the wider conservation community.

In recent years, our focus has shifted to conserving vultures, particularly in Asia. The birds you see when you visit the centre have played an important role in helping us develop and teach new ways of ensuring vultures survive in the wild. We have partnered on several projects over the years and provide ongoing expertise and support to organisations such as SAVE. Our staff also provide training in elements of conservation breeding, such as artificial incubation, and on site courses for the zoo community.

We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without you. Our supporters have helped us to participate in projects all around the world – including moving some of our bids to Bulgaria to join Green Balkans European conservation projects.

At home, we work to rescue and rehabilitate injured wild birds of prey in our on site hospital. We see an average of 100 birds a year and, together with our specialist avian vet, rehab and release as many of these birds as possible.

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